As a member based organisation our primary aim at Workabout Australia is to provide tangible benefits and support to our Club Members and Employers.

As part of that, we strive to make both Club Membership and Employer Membership as economical and affordable as possible.

Club Membership is currently just $44 per year (starting the day you join). So for less than $1 a week, you can be getting employment opportunities sent straight to your inbox every Friday, as well as all the other benefits of Club Membership (see our Club Member Benefits page for more information on what you get as a Club Member).

Our Employer Membership also works on an annual subscription of just $149 (for the first year). For less than a small takeaway coffee a week, you can advertise as many jobs as you need, as often you like for as long as you want! This is especially useful for businesses who need staff at various times throughout the year or those who have an extended “season” and need a rolling supply of workers. For more information on the benefits of Employer Membership, just go to our Employer Listing Service page.