One question we often get asked is how those who rely on prescription medication can get their scripts filled while on the road. For most medications, you have a couple of options and it is best to work out with your doctor or GP which is the best one for you before you hit the road: Most medications can be easily filled interstate if you have a valid script You can take sufficient amounts of medication with you from your local pharmacy so that you don’t need to have it refilled. This works best if you are only away from home for a short period of time. Under ‘Regulation 24’, original and repeat supplies of medications can be supplied at the one time if a doctor, a midwife or a nurse practitioner is first satisfied that certain conditions apply. If you need to get a new script while travelling, this can be arranged with an interstate doctor wherever you happen to be. They can then communicate with your normal physician as needed. It may also help to get your normal doctor to give you a letter outlining the medications you are on and their doses before you leave home. Schedule 8 medications (or those deemed as ‘drugs of dependence’ such as morphine, oxycodone or dexamphetamine) are strictly controlled. In this case you will need to either take sufficient medication with you (if you can) or see an interstate doctor to have new scripts written. If you are on any of the Schedule 8 medications, it is best to speak with your usual doctor before you leave to determine the best course of action for you.