Even though there is not a lot of travel happening at the moment once restrictions lift, there will come a stage in your travels (probably earlier rather than later!) you will need to make use of a dump point. Sometimes they can be hard to find but to take the hassle out of locating your nearest one, www.sanidumps.com can help. The website allows you to search by country (they also list dump points in a number of other countries), then state, then by city/town. Each listing shows it’s location, whether or not it is/should be open (and if it is available for guests or members only), if water is available (and its quality), and whether it is ‘Big Rig Friendly’, wheelchair accessible and if LPG is also available. If you are new to emptying your tank, they also provide a handy ‘how to’ guide on the website. Just go to www.sanidumps.com for more information.