One thing we are often asked about is how to deal with your mail while travelling (particularly if you are on the road for a longer period of time). There are a number of options, including diversion of your mail to a mail forwarding service before you leave. A number of organisations provide mail forwarding services, but we have received good feedback from Club Members on the following: SOS Mail Solutions – Landbase Australia – Post Haste Australia – Some things you need to think about whether a mail forwarding service is right for you are: How do you want your mail to be handled? Some services will receive your mail on your behalf then forward it to you when you let them know you have settled for a period of time. Others will open your mail for you, scan anything that you have received, and send it to you via a secure electronic link. How long do you need your mail forwarded? Cost Does the mail forwarding service have a minimum term? How easy is it to change your details when you move from one place to another? Other options for dealing with mail when on the road are: Getting friends or family to collect your mail and forward it to wherever you might happen to be. If you are going to be in one place for any length of time, you can set up a redirection with Australia Post. You can also have your mail sent as “Care Of” your local post office and just pick it up from there.