The issue of internet while travelling can be a tricky one, as it is quite often a matter of personal choice, and dependent on factors such as where you are travelling, cost and what you will be using it for. Whilst Telstra appears to have the widest coverage, cost and speed are subjects very close to travellers minds. Be aware that other providers may be resellers of the major providers. This means that they provide a cheaper service, but may not be able to provide a full service in download/upload speeds. This may not bother most travellers but those that require speed for employment or business purposes there may not be another option but Telstra. Devices There are various devices used to connect to the internet. They can range from the Smart phone to a wireless network modem which has the ability to network connect other wireless devices such as wireless printers, phone other computers. These can be purchased outright or as part of a plan. Shared accounts If purchasing as part of a plan, ask to have the account changed to a “shared account”. This will allow data between devices to be shared. If one device exceeds the monthly allowance, the excess will come off another “shared” allowance so you don’t have the big bill at the end of the month.