While travelling, you might find yourself in a position where you will need to do laundry, but do not have access to power. Many of the options and techniques available are reminiscent of what our mothers and grandmothers would have used. There are a number of ways to wash your clothes without needing a powered machine: Using a traditional washboard and basin Using a large bucket and plunger – you can make your own ‘agitator’ by cutting pieces from a household plunger. Place your clothes in a lidded bucket with water and detergent on a day that you are travelling. The movement of the vehicle will agitate the clothes as you are travelling and you can just rinse, wring and hang when you get to your destination. An industrial mop bucket is also a good option as the mop wringer is great for wringing your clothes You can purchase a hand cranked washing machine, much like the one pictured below – these are best for lightly soiled and smaller items If you are washing without power (either by choice or necessity), these tips might also be helpful: Shake out your clothes first to get rid of dust and debris Soaking clothes before washing also helps to loosen any dirt Use soap sparingly (for spot treatments only) to help cut down on rinsing The most efficient temperature for washing is “warm to hot”, so use hot water (that has been boiled over a campfire) sparingly Wringing clothes thoroughly before rinsing will cut down on the amount of water you will need to rinse – a good tip is to use some heavy duty clamps to clamp one end to a flat surface and then wring it.