One of our most popular items in our seminar presentations is the information on tax ruling TR 95/34. The ruling deals with taxation for itinerant workers…ie YOU!

According to the ruling, to be classed as an itinerant worker:

  • travel must be a fundamental part of your work or;
  • you have a ‘web’ of work places in your regular employment, (that is, you have no fixed place of work) or;
  • you continually travel from one work site to another, regularly working at more than one work site before returning to your usual place of residence.

With planning and proper record keeping, under TR 95/34, you can claim a number of tax deductions (as an itinerant worker) for expenses such as motor vehicle expenses, meals and accommodation.

For more information on Tax Ruling TR 95/34, you can:

  • visit the ATO website by clicking here, or
  • download free information, documents and checklists from BAN TACS Accountants, by clicking here.

And remember you should always get professional advice on your individual situation from your tax accountant as everyone’s circumstances are different!