As I mentioned, some States are easing their COVID-19 restrictions. At the time of writing, Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria and the ACT are yet to make any changes but information on changes in other States are as follows: New South Wales From today (1 May) the restrictions on visiting have been eased slightly, with 2 adults and their dependant children now able to visit another household. All other restrictions still apply. For more information, go to Queensland Some restrictions have been eased, starting midnight tonight (1 May). Queenslanders will be able to leave their homes for recreation and the distance they can travel has been extended. For example, you will be able to: Go for a drive; Ride a motorbike, jetski or boat for pleasure; Have a picnic; Visit a national park; and Shop for non-essential items But these are subject to the following conditions: Social distancing and hygiene must be maintained You have to stay within 50km of home and Outings are limited to members of the same household or an individual and one friend All other rules including gatherings and limits on visitors remain in place during this time. For more information, go to Western Australia From last Monday (27 April), indoor and outdoor non-work gatherings of up to 10 people are now allowed at: weddings and funerals outdoor personal training (no shared equipment) home opens and display village inspections If a single household has more than 10 people, that household remains exempt from this new rule. Restrictions on picnics, boating, hiking, camping and group exercise have been eased, with all other restrictions remaining in place for now. For more information, click here. Northern Territory Parks and reserves across the are reopening from the weekend. For more information, go to