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1.    Job context
The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History (the Museum) is a not-for-profit museum based in Winton, regional Queensland. Its purpose is to discover, prepare, interpret and display dinosaur fossils and tell the story of Australia’s natural history. The Museum is dedicated to delivering a world-class attraction that educates and inspires its visitors, providing them with a unique Australian experience.

The Museum is contracted by Winton Shire Council to manage the Dinosaur Stampede National Monument at Lark Quarry Conservation Park (the Park), a Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service site. The Park represents the most concentrated site, and only definitive record, of dinosaur stampede behaviour in the world. Situated 110km south-west of Winton, this visitor attraction is the largest trace-fossil site in Australia.

The Museum has begun the third and final stage of its development, which entails the design and construction of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History (MNH). The MNH’s purpose is to present and tell the story of Australia’s geological journey through deep time by way of a centre of excellence that will become renowned worldwide.

2.    Job purpose
The position of Cleaner exists to:

·       ensure the cleanliness of all Museum spaces

·       provide excellent customer service and

·       support Museum operations.

3.   Key output areas
The following key output areas represent the responsibilities of the job holder. From these, agreed performance standards will be established and monitored. These key outputs are not exhaustive. They reflect the current environment and it is recognised that they will be subject to variation dependent on internal and external change.

3.1.    Ensure the cleanliness of all Museum spaces

This will be achieved by:

·         performing daily cleaning tasks to maintain the cleanliness of all Museum spaces, including but not limited to dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and sanitising surfaces

·         cleaning and sanitising bathrooms across the Museum complex and replenishing supplies (eg soap and paper towels)

·         maintaining the cleanliness of floors

·         cleaning windows and glass surfaces to ensure they are free from smudges and streaks

·         properly using, maintaining and storing cleaning equipment and supplies

·         wiping down and disinfecting surfaces, countertops and fixtures to maintain cleanliness and hygiene

·         assisting with cleaning and setup for events or functions and

·         reporting any maintenance or safety issues to the Museum Services Manager.

3.2.    Provide excellent customer service

This will be achieved by:

·         understanding that everything you do, with visitors, tour organisers, colleagues and others, has customer-service aspects to it

·         being familiar with the Customer Service Policy & Procedures and being a customer-service role model for others working at the Museum

·         always treating visitors, guests and other staff members with respect

·         being mindful of obvious and potential physical and intellectual access requirements of visitors and helping them as required while respecting their dignity and independence and

·         receiving visitors’, guests’ and other staff members’ concerns, complaints or suggestions positively and referring them to management when appropriate.

3.3.    Support Museum operations

This will be achieved by:

·         being aware of and following the Museum’s work health and safety requirements, including watching out for hazards, at all times – for visitors, guests, staff and yourself

·         adhering to Museum policies, procedures, house rules and checklists at all times

·         maintaining up-to-date knowledge of cleaning practices and ensuring compliance at all times

·         completing and evaluating agreed training opportunities, including participation in Museum training as required

·         taking part in performance reviews as required

·         assisting with the care and maintenance of Museum buildings and grounds as required and

·         assisting with other occasional duties as required.


4.       Profile of an ideal Cleaner
The following job competencies, qualifications and experience represent an ideal applicant. It is recognised that not all candidates will meet all criteria.

(a)           Job competencies

·        knowledge of health and safety regulations

·        knowledge of cleaning equipment and supplies

Skills and abilities
·        well spoken, well presented, friendly and polite

·        attention to detail and a commitment to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene

·        strong organisational and time management skills

·        ability to follow instructions and work independently


·        a self-aware, respectful and co-operative nature

·        self-motivated, energetic and enthusiastic in pursuit of agreed goals

·        reliable, dependable and honest

·        flexible and willing to contribute to a seven-day-a-week roster, including public holidays and weekends, particularly from April to September

·        emotionally intelligent with a professional approach to workplace relationships

·        a clear and appropriate communicator

·        willing to support and help other staff members

·        open to receiving visitor, guest, manager and other constructive feedback and to treat it positively

·        willing to wear the Museum uniform and meet the requirements of the Uniforms Policy & Procedures

(b)           Preferred qualifications

·       a manual driving licence (mandatory)

·       Working with Children Blue Card (mandatory)

·       first-aid and CPR certificates (highly regarded)

(c)            Preferred experience
·       experience in cleaning, housekeeping or similar roles

·       customer service experience, particularly for a tourist attraction, educational or not-for-profit organisation

Note: As the Museum is located 24km from Winton, Cleaner is required to have their own car and a current P class or full driving licence.

5.    Conditions of employment
Conditions of employment are set out in the standard Australian Age of Dinosaurs Letter of Offer and include a three-month probationary period with formal monthly reviews. The hours can be worked on any day of the week, including weekends and public holidays, with hours rostered each week. Work will incur the normal hourly rate of pay, except on Sundays when time-and-a-half will apply. Any work on public holidays will be paid at the rate of double time for the hours worked. Any additional hours worked above 25 hours per week will be paid in overtime rates or a time-in-lieu arrangement may be negotiated.

This recruitment is for one Cleaner (25 hours a week) on a part time/fixed term basis. The 2024 recruitment schedule is:

·     one Cleaner position from 22.04.2024 to 5.10.2024

Note: these start dates are flexible and will be agreed upon with the successful applicants.

No relocation allowance is available. The successful applicants may be offered up to two weeks’ accommodation at the onsite Maloney Lodge Precinct, at $15 per day, while they find suitable accommodation in Winton and should be aware that this offer can only be made if a room is available.  Due to the staffing demands of the busy tourist season, annual leave applications are unlikely to be approved for time off from late June to early October, particularly during school holidays.

Comprehensive initial and ongoing training is provided to enhance each staff members communication skills, delivery techniques, dinosaur knowledge and operation of equipment.

6.    Remuneration
Museum staff are employed under the Amusement, Events and Recreation Award. The Cleaner (fixed-term contract) position is classified as Grade 3 with an adult hourly rate of $24.87.

Superannuation is paid at the rate required by law, currently 11% of ordinary hours worked. The full text of the Award can be found on the Fair Work Commission website at http://www.fwc.gov.au/

7.     Applications
Email applications are invited and applicants should provide:

•    a resumé (maximum three pages) that contains the details of two unrelated referees (including name and contact details) who would be willing to assess your suitability for the position if they are contacted on a confidential basis

•  an Employment Application Form, available on the Employment page of the Museum website

•   if possible, a photo or brief video clip or links to same and

•  one written reference from a previous employer who is not a friend or family member.

Applications will be assessed against the criteria in the Job Description. To make the most positive impression, you are also invited to submit a self-assessment as to your suitability for the position.

Your application, with attached documents, should be marked Confidential – Cleaner (fixed term) and sent to:  Head of Operations, Patrice Brandenburg , recruitment@aaod.com.au


To apply for this job email your details to recruitment@aaod.com.au