We are often asked about how Club Members can volunteer, particularly in times of natural disasters. There are many volunteering opportunities around the country, and in particular, BlazeAid helps out rural and remote farmers.

To find out about specific camps and opportunities to help out, you can go to their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/Blazeaid) or their website (http://www.blazeaid.com.au).

For other general volunteering opportunities around the country, visit:

These websites provide a wealth of information and outline the several types of volunteering within the community, tips on getting started and resources.

Staying Safe Around Power Lines

This week, we received information from Essential Energy on how to stay safe on the road during the July school holidays… particularly what to do if you come across an incident involving power lines:

“The July school holiday period brings an increase to the number of cars on the roads and can result in a higher number of incidents. Would you know what to do if your vehicle or machinery came into contact with the electricity network. STAY CALL WAIT.
Stay in the machinery/vehicle
Call 000
Wait for the all clear.
Never go to the aid of someone who has collided with the network as you might put yourself in danger – stay at least 8 metres away from the vehicle. Familiarise yourself with the emergency escape procedure in the video below.”

For more information, watch their video by clicking here.