Latest Border Restrictions

As you would have heard, with the current increase in COVID cases in Sydney, other States have made changes to border crossings.nIf you are not from a Sydney hotspot and planning on travelling, please check before you hit the road as you may need to get a proper authorisation prior to entering.nI have included links to the latest information for each State below: Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Victoria Tasmania South Australia Western Australia Northern Territory Queensland

Fair Work Ombudsman (PACT Tool)

The Australian Government’s Fair Work Ombudsman has a free, quick and easy online tool to help both employers and employees. The Pay and Conditions Tool (P.A.C.T) can help you work out: pay rates, leave entitlements, shift rates as well as entitlements for ending employment. To use The P.A.C.T, just go to the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website (

Travelling with a CPAP machine

Many of our Club Members travel with a CPAP Machine. CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines deliver constant pressure air that keeps the upper airway open, helping to prevent conditions such as sleep apnoea and snoring. If you aren’t staying somewhere with ready access to power (either off road, or in an unpowered site, for example), you will need your own power supply to run the machine. There are a few basic options for where your power supply comes from– generators, batteries or solar – but what you chose will also depend on the type of CPAP machine you have. Older machines are generally 240V but there are newer ones now available that run on 12V. Another option is a battery operated (or ‘travel’) CPAP machine. There are many suppliers of these machines, so speak to your doctor or local pharmacist to find out more about the best one to suit your individual needs.

Tax Ruling TR 95/34

One of our most popular items in our seminar presentations is the information on tax ruling TR 95/34. The ruling deals with taxation for itinerant workers…ie YOU! According to the ruling, to be classed as an itinerant worker: travel must be a fundamental part of your work or; you have a ‘web’ of work places in your regular employment, (that is, you have no fixed place of work) or; you continually travel from one work site to another, regularly working at more than one work site before returning to your usual place of residence. With planning and proper record keeping, under TR 95/34, you can claim a number of tax deductions (as an itinerant worker) for expenses such as motor vehicle expenses, meals and accommodation. For more information on Tax Ruling TR 95/34, you can: visit the ATO website by clicking here, or download free information, documents and checklists from BAN TACS Accountants, by clicking here. And remember you should always get professional advice on your individual situation from your tax accountant as everyone’s circumstances are different!

Start Here Tab

If you are a new Club Member or would like a ‘refresher’ on how the website works, make sure you check out our orientation videos…these can be found in the START HERE tab of your Member Home page: And don’t forget we also have a thread in the Members’ Forum where you can introduce yourself to other Club Members to let them know a little bit about yourself. To go to the Forum, just click on THE CLUB in your Member Home bar, then on “Members Forum”. The “Introduce Yourself” forum is at the top of the list…just click on the subject line to open it and add your post.

Past Bulletins

Whether you are on the road already or still in the planning stage, as a Club Member you get access to the last 12 months’ of our weekly bulletins (including all contact details). The past bulletins can help you work out where you might want to go next, what might be available in those areas, and who you might contact about potential opportunities. Once you are logged in, the last 5 weeks’ bulletins are linked on your Member Home page. To access more editions, just hover your mouse over “The Club” then click on “The Bulletin”. From here, you can view the last 12 months’ worth of Members’ Bulletins and start your planning process.

Finding Gas Bottle Refills

As you travel, you will inevitably need to refill (or swap) your gas bottles at some stage along the way….but how do you find somewhere close by that is reasonably priced? The Gas Bottle Refills website allows you to enter the postcode where you are and will show you a map with your nearest outlets. The list also shows you prices for refills and bottle swaps, so you know exactly what you’re ‘up for’. If you come across a seller who is not included in their list, you can also add them to the site, and let them know of any pricing changes. For more information just go to

Mobile Phone Usage

The rules regarding mobile phone use while driving are similar Australia wide, but there can be slight differences between States. To get the latest information for where you are, I have compiled links to each State’s rules so that you can keep yourself informed: Queensland NSW Victoria ACT Tasmania SA WA NT

Tasmanian State Election

The Tasmanian State General Election will be held on 1 May 2021…which is only 3 weeks away! If you are registered to vote in Tasmania, you will need to cast your vote in this election. If you are not able to get to a polling station on election day, you can either: vote at a pre-poll voting centre (if you are in Tasmania) or you can apply to vote by post (postal vote applications close 23 April). For more information on polling stations and your other options for voting (including downloading an application to apply for a postal vote), just click here.

Volunteeering and Donating

With the recent floods, I have been asked to reshare a recent Tip…. how to go about volunteering your time or donating to areas that need it. There are a number of volunteering opportunities around the country, and in particular, BlazeAid will be setting up camps to help those affected to rebuild. To find out about specific camps and opportunities to help out, you can go to their Facebook page ( or their website ( For other general volunteering opportunities around the country, visit: Emergency Volunteering (Queensland) – Australian Emergency Support Volunteering Register (WA) – NSW Volunteering – Volunteering Queensland – Volunteering Victoria – Volunteering SA & NT – Volunteering WA – These websites provide a wealth of information and outline the different types of volunteering within the community, tips on getting started and resources. If you are not able to provide ‘hands on’ assistance, but would still like to donate goods, you can get in touch with GIVIT (a not for profit organisation who get donations to those who need them). For more information on what is needed and how to donate, go to their website (